Selling a Used Car Guide

The price of fuel has risen over the years and the ever increasing taxes on fuel is really making motoring an expensive form of transport. The government is trying to get more people to use public transport but this is just not possible in most cases. So there needs to be an alternative.

LPG cars are that alternative they do need petrol as well but you can switch between the two and most modern cars automatically switch so you never notice when you are running on petrol or LPG. avtomobili

There are many cars that come as standard with LPG already but there is a lot of companies that will do the conversion for you and the cost of the LPG conversion is pretty expensive but that can easily be saved over a year of normal driving.

In the united kingdom LPG cars are easy to come by and the LPG itself is very easy to find. Most garages have LPG in stock. So using LPG should not effect your normal habits so you could fill up at the same petrol station as you would with unleaded!

The cost of LPG to buy is exceptionally cheap because the government is trying to make it more appealing to the consumer so there is a lot less tax on it so you are instantly saving.

A lot of big companies like Tesco and Sainsbury who do the door to door delivery of your shopping nearly all there vans run on LPG as this saving is massive for them considering the amount of miles they would do in a year.

So buying an LPG car is something that you should consider and they are not going to break the bank either. If you take a look many garages you will find relatively cheap LPG cars for sale. I think in the future more and more people will be switching to LPG so that they will then be able to afford other luxury items like an extra holiday a year.

The things to look out for when buying a second hand LPG car is whether the manufacturer fitted the LPG or whether it was done after market. The after market conversions are fine but I always prefer the conversions that are done at the factory!

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